Monday, November 21, 2011

openSuSE 12.1

I've been using Ubuntu for quite some time now. Ever since the issues I've encountered while upgrading from Hoary, to Breezy, to Dapper, I decided to stick with LTS (or Long Term Support) releases. I don't care about using bleeding edge technology, I just want a PC that works.
Being a first hour kubuntu with KDE4 user, I was a little bit displeased with the latest LTS release, so the past years I've been looking at different other distributions to see which one supports KDE best. Distributions with rolling releases earned extra points :)
In 1998 SuSE 6.0 was released and I remember buying a big box containing 6 CDs in a local bookstore. I liked SuSE a lot. It was easy to install and maintain. The only downside was the RPM dependency hell you can end up with once you tried to install packages that were not available on the CDs. YAST already existed back then and was already doing a great job configuring the system (ncurses based, of course). Since openSuSE is very KDE oriented, I decided to give openSuSE 12.1 a try.
SuSE still uses YAST for most of its system configuration and YAST is still doing a great job. Integrating your system with an LDAP for fetching your users is a simple point and click operation (something that does not exist in kubuntu). As with kubuntu, using the proprietary nvidia drivers is a manual operation. So far, the only annoying thing I found in SuSE is its multimedia support. I had to include third party repositories to be able to install VLC and mplayer (or maybe I am doing it wrong). Burning plain audio CDs from K3B from mp3 is also not working yet, but I'll figure this out some day.
This doesn't mean I ditched Ubuntu, well kubuntu actually, completely. I just wanted to try something different, which is what Linux is all about :)

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