Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SPAM: The Russians ... oh no, not again

Oh yes. I received another mail from a different girl, I mean woman, asking me for something totally different than love. Please read ... it's funny.

Dear Friend,

My name is Elena, I have 31 year and I live in Russian province. I work in library and after my work I allowed to use computer when it possible.
I finded your address in internet and I decided to write you this letter.

I have 7-year daughter Angelina, her father abandoned us and we live with my mother.

Recently my mother lost job and our situation became very difficult.

The price for heating our home is very high and we cannot afford it anymore.

The winter is coming and weather is colder each day. We worry if the temperature will become cold in our home, we don't know how to survive.

For heating our home we need portable stove which give heat from burning wood. We have many wood in our region, but we cannot buy the stove in local market because it cost equivalent of 193 Euro and very expensive for us.
If you have any old portable wood burning stove, we will be very happy if you can donate it to us and organize transport of its to our address (200km from Moscow) or help us to buy it in our local market.
This oven are different, they are from cast iron and weight 100-150kg.

I downloaded our picture to free website and you can see it at:
It is not of very good quality, but it will give you idea how we look.

I hope that you answer me and I wish you all the best.


I bet this one has a whole hangar of stoves :)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you've right...today situation is not "shiny", if you can help or know people how can-why not?I'm very far away from Russia so...that transport will cost more than stove.

kennywest said...

I can imagine the situation is Russia is not shiny, but according to this link, the mail is clearly a hoax and part of a fraud.
I am very far from Russia as well. The woman should know this. The mail was sent to my mail address which doesn't end with .ru. So she should now that sending a stove will cost more than sending the money, which is what they're after in the first place.
Don't get fooled by these mails sent by Russians, asking you for help or telling you how much they really love you. These mails are sent by software designed by scam organizations in order to steal some money.

kennywest said...

BTW, if you're not sure if such mails you're receiving are real or not, check this site. It has a search engine and you can ask for an expert's opinion as well.
Like I already said, the Internet is a dangerous place. Really.