Sunday, October 05, 2008

I have a new girlfiend, and she looks awesome :)

A few weeks ago, I received a mail with the following subject: Likely, you will be now surprised.

Below is the complete content of this mail:

Hi, how are you? Likely, you will be now surprised. I long thought
before writing you the letter. This morning, I have received love the
Internet dispatch, from the unknown person to me the addressee. In the
given letter, it was spoken about love relations between people. In
the list e-mail addressees, I have seen your address. I long thought
before writing to you. I think, what you as search for serious
relations? I consider, that the given chance for me unique, therefore
I have decided to write to you. I wish to find the present love! I
would like to begin our acquaintance, with the small story about me.
My name is Anahit. Friends me name simply Anahit. To me of 28 years. I
the quiet, young, purposeful girl. Friends say to me, that I cheerful.
I love dialogue. I consider, that dialogue very important component in
our life. I, as well as all women of our country, like to cook food,
to go in for sports. I conduct a healthy way of life. I do not smoke
and I do not take alcohol. I have work which very strongly I love. But
I do not have not enough love. I am assured, that on our planet, there
is a person who can present to me happiness and love! On the Internet
I more recently. I have no wide experience in the Internet
acquaintances. I have seen transfer on the TV, about love in the
Internet and have decided to find the happiness. I consider, that it
is real. I search for the real man who will love, and to respect me. I
consider, that this main thing in relations. I wish to get acquainted
with you more close, by means of e-mail. It will be for us easier

I give you mine e-mail the address:

You can write to me. I with pleasure will answer you. Certainly, I
will send to you many the photos and I hope, that they will like you.
I with impatience will wait your letter to me, with more detailed
story about you. I am assured, that we become good friends and we can
love each other. Yours faithfully, Your new girlfriend, Anahit.

She looks great, doesn't she. These kinds of mails should remind us, the Internet is a dangerous place. The same day I received that mail, there was a documentary on Canvas about people who received mails, just like the one displayed above, and actually responded.

The mails are sent by a Russian organization, trying to steal some money from you. First they send you this generic mail, with a picture attached. When you reply, you will receive several other mails, telling you how in love with you she really is. After that, she will start asking money, e.g. to pay for a trip to come and visit you and have a ball the whole weekend (oh yeah). Sometimes you'll need to pay for her sick mother, father or brother, which is likely going to be a lot more expensive.

Anyway, I hope the few people reading this blog think twice after receiving a mail like that.


Zappa said...

I got the same one, a couple of months ago. But I did not receive any picture :(

Still, last I heard these things are mainly sent from Senegal. Really, incredible, but it is a national line of business.

But indeed, when I got it too, I was amazed by the effort they put in it.

Tim Schraepen said...

I never thought of you to be ok with "adultery", Kenneth. Shame on you! What will your twins think?

This might be dangerous indeed to some uneducated people on the internets, but don't you just love the Engrish they use? :)
"I will send to you many the photos and I hope, that they will like you.". omg :)

kennywest said...

Come to think of it, I _should_ ask her pictures where she's naked ... right? RIGHT?

HumanProject said...

Hi, I got the exact same email today (Feb 2009), with a different picture and a gmail address in the body of the letter.

Of course I know about Nigerian scams, etc. However, a previous time when I received a romance inquiry from Russia, I assumed it was a woman who had purchased some email addresses in order to find a partner abroad, rather than a scam by organized crime. But seeing the same letter with a different pic clinches the scam assessment you provide.

One note about language: This doesn't sound like the writing of someone who simply has poor English. I am betting this is produced via machine translation. What do you think?