Thursday, October 23, 2008

Acoustic Design 3311

As all of you probably know, I have kids. 2 of them are currently able to crawl/walk around and unfortunately they don't have the correct understanding of the word no yet. Another problem is they seem to be very fond of technology, music, and they just love to fiddle with my ancient Kenwood KR-2200 receiver and peripherals. They also love to play with my regular sized speakers, I bought a long time ago for a cheap price at Aldi (Medion). Although these speakers were cheap, they sound great and I don't want the kids to break or damage these. So I removed the speakers and replaced them with very small sized speakers that are attached to my old portable radio cassette player (rx-ct800).

As much as I used to love my rx-ct800, the little speakers sounded like crap attached to the KR-2200, so I needed a solution.
I was thinking on buying some cheap JB Systems speakers, since I already own a set of cheap JB Systems TSX speakers. Unfortunately, these sound like crap too.

So I decided to look at second hand stuff on eBay and Kapaza and I found a pair of Acoustic Design 3311 speakers. In fact, I didn't know these were Acoustic 3311's until I removed the covers at the guy's place.

The guy that offered the speakers was selling these for €30. I thought this was a bargain. These speakers where enormous (the kids won't be able to toss these over) and they didn't sound too bad either. I was also going to use these speakers as a temporary solution until the kids have a correct understanding of the word "no" and stop tossing over the speakers.

So I bought them :)

Today, I found myself nothing to do and decided to look for some schematics or more technical details on the speakers I bought. After typing in Acoustic 3311 in google, I found these speakers were part of a large scale scam several years ago (damned, why does this always happen to me). These speakers were sold for prices ranging from $200 to $2000 for a pair.

Anyway, I don't really feel scammed. I didn't buy the speakers from some guys driving around in a white mini van and I didn't pay $200 for them either. They also sound a lot better than the small speakers from my rx-ct800. As I already said this is merely a temporary solution, so in a few years or so, watch out for my Acoustic 3311 speakers on eBay or Kapaza :)

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