Saturday, March 29, 2008


Voor de mensen van mijn leeftijd (of ietsje ouder) die de rotzooi die ze de kinderen vandaag voeren op televisie maar niets vinden, deze link. Hier kan je alles lezen over series gaande van "Merlina" tot "Tik Tak". De site heb ik toevallig via google gevonden en wou ik jullie niet onthouden. Eigenlijk was ik op zoek naar (en gevonden :) ) Blake's 7.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mule: Update on the ServingXML transformer

This is just a short post to give you the latest news on my Serving XML transformer for Mule. I have updated the pom, so now the project builds properly with maven. Hopefully this will improve my build statistics on MuleForge's bamboo :)
I have also included a small unit test, taken from the samples included with the ServingXML distribution, that shows how you can use the transformer _without_ Mule. I will provide working samples, integrated with Mule, later. People that are familiar with Mule and how to configure transformers should be able to use this transformer in their setup.
Good luck ...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yes, I am still alive

I realize it has been a long time since I last blogged on this site. I am very sorry for this, but I have been very busy.

First I started a project on MuleForge (ServingXML Transformer) that should help people using Mule to easily wrap all the power of ServingXML into one single transformer. There is already some code in the svn repository, but it doesn't build yet with maven. The problem is that ServingXML does not have any jars available in the main ibiblio repositories, so I will need to host these jars somewhere else. For the brave out there, just checkout the code, download ServingXML, put the jars in your local maven repository and issue a mvn clean install. This should get you up and running, if not, just wait for me to fix the build.
The reason why I created this project is that people where asking me off-list for new code and documentation. Unfortunately I didn't have those, so the project should solve this, I hope :)

I also got involved with uface. This small project aims to create an abstract layer on top of different UI toolkits, such as Swing and JFace, and bind the UI controls to the model using JFace's binding framework. Using the current binding framework requires a lot of repetitive coding, so this framework should ease things here and there. It is still very immature though, but in a few months, we should have a first release. I will blog about the progress we're making. Tom is also blogging about this and he does this more frequently.

So this was a short update to tell you about the stuff I am working on. I'll try to blog more frequently.