Sunday, November 04, 2007

Best song of all time

I am not that old. I have developed my taste for music when I was twelve years old or so. I think everyone developed some taste at that time. Maybe for something different, like women :)
Anyway, when I was twelve, 17 years ago, some dudes in Belgium invented New Beat. At least, I think it was invented here. It was a cross breed of New Wave and some other electronic sounds from the late 80's. I know my parents didn't like it very much, but I did. New Beat didn't last very long and then House music, and all its off-springs, came along. My parent's didn't like it either, even some of my friends didn't like it, but I still did.
House music is still here, the number of off-springs still growing. Right now I like stuff they play on frisky radio and BBC's kiss 100 and Essentialmix.
Obviously, this is not the only genre I admire. I also like other stuff like Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Placebo, Radiohead, ... . Seriously, you can't play house when you're having friends for dinner ... right?
Anyway, looking back at my collection of records and CD's I gathered in these 15 wonderful years it makes you wonder: "suppose the house burns down and you can only save 1 record, which one would it be?". I think, and some other people probably agree, this record would be it (At The Villa People; Open Your Eyes). This record reminds my of the period when I started DJ'ing, around 1996. It was one of the first records I bought, with the little money I had at that time.
Life is music, my dear friends (which reminds me, "My life is music" is also a very fine record). Music has always helped my to get through difficult periods in life. Like girlfriends breaking up with me, people dying, whatever. It reminds you of other, pleasant, things that happened in your past. It reminds you of people you've met, friends you've learned to know.
Think about it, what would be the sole record you salvage, should your house burn down ...


Sch3lp said...

This must be the most difficult question EVAR!
I have absolutely no idea what song I'd choose... But "Open Your Eyes" is simply amazing. And like you said, it brings back memories. Memories to the first Paul Oakenfold set I ever heard. And it still gives me shivers. Some excellent DJ played it a few weeks ago and this is slightly humiliating, but it made me cry (out of joy).
I'll think about it though, and let you know. (btw, this is your most interesting post yet :p)

Sch3lp said...

I've found my "best song of all time": it's Holden & Thompson's Nothing (99 returning mix)