Monday, November 19, 2007

Best song of all time ... the sequel

So yesterday I was doing the dishes. Nothing fancy about that, despite the fact I was listening to this while doing it. There's a track on the second disc, called Xpander which is really awesome. Choosing between Xpander and the track mentioned in an earlier post would be ... eh ... very difficult. Sasha rules!
A while ago, Sasha did a set on Essential Mix, remixing and re-editing music live, on Ableton live @ Maida Vale. Now this set, my dear friends, is by far the best set I've ever heard. It also features the song mentioned in some earlier post. I think I heard this set a zillion times, but I never get tired playing it. Again and again. I guess that makes me a boring person :)
Anyway, I think I should recall the earlier post about the best song of all time. IMHO, there's no such thing. There can be several :)
So, I guess I will have to assemble box of records-that-should-be-rescued-in-case-of-fire.
Cheers ...

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