Friday, April 27, 2007

Belgium Cityparade 2007 (2)

OMFG, I just visited the site again and seems the date moved to September 8th. If you're following this blog, you can read that my girlfriend is expecting delivery of our twins the same date. Guess I won't be visiting the parade this year ... or lets pray for an early delivery somewhere in the middle of august ;)


Tim said...

It was on StuBru as well.
The reason they have rescheduled the City Parade was because they _still_ didn't have closure about the city where they were going to organise it.
And they didn't want to keep those big dj's in the dark, so...
The guy they had at the phone also said he was trying his best to put the city parade back in a flemish city. (because he has more time now to arrange that, but it all comes down to the cooperativeness of the cities I guess). Anyways, too bad you can't make it to the City Parade, but then again, kids are more important :)

Later! (greetz from Groningen by the way!)

zappa said...

Hey dude, it's been a while you posted anything ;-)

By the way, I took the Nerd-score test:

I had a 38.