Monday, October 16, 2006

Linux: Problems in Ubuntu, icons do not appear when inserting removable device 2 (the solution!)

Seems I was still having problems with devices not being automounted. Very frustrating knowing "it should" automount plugged in devices ... but it just doesn't. So tonight I decided to google some more and finally I found the solution. I had to put

session optional

Near the end of /etc/pam.d/common-session. Since I am authenticating users against an LDAP, I have a sneaky suspicion why my problem occured:
- step 1. Installed Hoary a long time ago
- step 2. Make sure Hoary is able to talk to an LDAP to retrieve its users
- step 3. Upgrade to Breezy (also long time ago). During the upgrade the installer asks: "Dude! someone changed /etc/pam.d/common.session do you want to overwrite the file with the maintainer's version?" Hell no ... I spent a reasonable amount of time configuring pam.d to use pam_ldap (btw: this is an interesting read on how to setup LDAP and stuff) ... and that's when all my problems started.
- step 4. Upgrade to Dapper ... still b0rken but now I finally managed to fix it.

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