Thursday, August 03, 2006

Solaris: Change action behind browser icon in CDE

So I inherited a Sun Enterprise 450, dual CPU, 2GB RAM and a dozen of disks. I’ve been busy wiping disks on this machine and on another Sun Enterprise 250 using this link. Next, I’ve been installing Solaris 10, which was a pretty “next -> next -> finish” install. I’m not running Gnome, because I just love the CDE environment (don’t ask why, I’m a geek). I decided not to install the mozilla browser provided with the set of installation CD-ROMs, instead I used the software service from blastwave to install firefox. It wasn’t very easy to make CDE look for firefox instead of mozilla, when pressing the “world” icon in the front panel. Ok, I admit, after Reading The Funky Advanced CDE Guide, I found all I needed to do is to tweak sdtwebclient file, found in /usr/dt/bin. Change the follwing lines:

COMMAND=`basename $0`
DEFAULT_BROWSER_LIST="mozilla netscape sun_netscape netscape6"


COMMAND=`basename $0`
DEFAULT_BROWSER_LIST="mozilla netscape sun_netscape netscape6 firefox"

And firefox will appear when pressing the world icon.
BTW, CDE rules ;)