Thursday, September 22, 2005

Visual Studio .NET 2003: resx files ...

I have a project containing custom pipeline components. Each component has its own .resx-file. For some reason the .resx-file for ComponentA was included in the project as a seperate file and the .resx-file for ComponentB was only visible if you clicked the [+]-sign left of my component.
I had no idea why there was a difference between the visualization for both .resx-files. When I edited the .csproj-file, I saw why it happened:

RelPath = "ComponentB.resx"
DependentUpon = "ComponentB.cs"
BuildAction = "EmbeddedResource"
If you remove the DependentUpon property, the file becomes visable in your project.
Dunno how to do it without editing the project file though ...

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