Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Biztalk: RIP

Biztalk died on me today after choking on an 18 MB IDOC (= flat file message from SAP) message.

A catastrophic failure occurred in the BizTalk service.
The service will shutdown and auto-restart in 1 minute.
If the database is still unavailable, this cycle will be repeated.

Error message: Parameter is incorrect
Error source: System

BizTalk host name: BizTalkServerApplication
Windows service name: BTSSvc{940AAE5E-0C6F-401E-83B2-D00BFF7792BB}

I already ran the Config Framework wizard, but untill now, no joy :(



I found why I was getting the above error. It seems one of the IDOCS I was using for testing lost some trailing spaces in one of its segments. This resulted in the above error ...

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