Wednesday, April 20, 2005

GAC and M$ Visual Studio .NOT

A colleague of mine was having trouble adding references to C# projects, of DLL's that are in the GAC. Apparently, M$ nows about this issue:;en-us;306149

I really love the last part:

It is highly recommended that you not install your assemblies to the GAC, unless you want to share your assemblies with other applications running on that system. Also, note that it is not possible to directly reference an assembly from the GAC in your project. If you want to use an assembly from the GAC, you should drop your assemblies to a local folder, and then add a reference to the assembly from this folder.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Checking for duplicate message types in Biztalk

Ever been annoyed with the following message in the event viewer after deploying your freshly created Biztalk 2004 project:

There was a failure executing the receive pipeline:
Source: "XML disassembler"
Receive Location: "AAA.BBB.CCC"
Reason: The disassembler cannot retrieve the document specification
by using this type: "".
Either the schema is not deployed correctly, or more than one schema
is deployed for the same message type.

You can check for the assemblies that are causing this by querying the Biztalk Management database:

select, d1.msgtype, d1.docspec_name, d1.clr_assemblyname
bt_DocumentSpec d1,
bt_DocumentSpec d2
where !=
and d1.msgtype = d2.msgtype